Find Your Weirdos

A guide to connecting with the customers who share your niche fascinations—and earning their wholehearted patronage

We want to help you find better ways to connect with your customers. There is SO much noise out there. Especially on the internet. Standing out is exasperating, and keeping people’s attention is even harder.

This is not about reaching the most people, it’s about connecting with the right people, your future fans and champions.

New additions to this collection arrive every Wednesday, through December 2020. Keep your eyes peeled or we can just send you a reminder.

a truly unique museum, filled with all your favorite things

Not just any notebook

Why Moleskine thrives against all odds

When inspiration strikes, just about any writing (or drawing) surface will do — and yet the Moleskine notebook still has a devoted following. Why? We think it’s because they understand what creative people are really reaching for when they pull out their notebooks.

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a white-gloved hand holds up a fancy platter, its cloche open revealing a Moleskine notebook labeled “Craft”

Where the weirdos roam

Why weirdos are easier to find and understand than any other breed of human

It’s easy to create a “customer persona” or a “user journey” to inform your product, marketing, and sales decisions. It’s much more challenging to actually understand the person you’re doing all of this for. There are two ways that focusing on weirdos makes this much easier.

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two buffalo stand in some grass, one has huge plastic googly eyes

Making an honest buck

The link between your weirdos, truth-telling, and business longevity

While not all feedback is created equal, some business decisions rely on gathering clear, focused input. How do you find the right people to listen to, and ensure you hear from them at the right moments? There are two key factors.

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a row of phones in a customer service center with a single red phone on a podium, lit by a spotlight, and labeled “Weirdos”

Don’t call it a veggie burger

Why Impossible Burger, the “plant-based meat” company, chose to focus first on the most discerning carnivores they could find

When the Impossible Burger launched, it was an instant hit among top chefs, foodies, and eco-conscious millennials. But they weren’t just trend-hopping; there were sound business reasons behind their decision to make these folks their priority.

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A field guide to finding your weirdos

The defining characteristics of the rare, untamed weirdos who make your business thrive

Where do loyalty and devotion come from? To begin with, we go deep.

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a fish, alligator, and frog dancing ballet

Why we love weirdos

They’re far more than lovable eccentrics — they’re the key to traction and long-term growth

While we love weirdos for their own sake, we’ve also discovered that there are business benefits to embracing your weird — and embracing your weirdos. Here are just a few.

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a woman medidates, her hair is a dreamlike sky of stars and objects

Camping with customers:how LEGO rediscovered its true north

In 2003, LEGO was in trouble — to the tune of an $800 million debt. What saved the beloved toy company? A weirdos-first strategy.

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a person sits upon an almost-built house, brick in hand

Look for the tinkerers

The secret weirdo messages embedded in Heroku’s card decks

Heroku wanted to create a gift for their fans that would make them feel truly seen. To do that, they had to make visible the invisible qualities that tied them together.

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a rabbit gasps as hanafuda playing cards fly from a magic hat